Winter Water Factory

We are so excited to have our summer items from


Winter Water Factory is a Brooklyn based design and manufacturing company that specializes in screen printing and organic cotton, ethically made children's clothing! We love them because of their artistically designed, fun prints that are as unique as the artists behind them.

Their name is from when Stephanie was a girl in Germany. Stephanie and her sister bottled melted snow to sell to her parents, calling it "winter water"!

We have collected some of the sweetest rompers from their line to share with you, we are inspired by our own summer adventures in the Okanagan as a family!

"...riding bikes on the sandy trails, lined with sage, over looking the lake. The aroma thick in the heat. Sails from boats on the water reflecting the brilliant sunlight as they race along in the breeze. Our mini sleeping peacefully as we stop for ice cream and to jump off an old trestle bridge into the lake."
-Brianna Braun

Here are our favourites!

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